5 Reasons why Not Doing Designs For Free Will Actually Improve Your Freelancing Business


Your time is valuable when you’re freelancing. You invest it in initiatives and profit from your efforts. However, when you accept free jobs, you are not compensated for the time and effort required to perform them. Therefore, for individuals who are inquisitive about why they should avoid working for free, this post will explain why.

Graphic Designers devote a significant amount of their own time to creating designs, and it is unjust to expect them to work for free. Additionally, they work diligently to ensure that the design is consistent with the brand and meets the needs of the customer. This post will discuss five reasons why refusing to provide free designs would really benefit your freelance career.

Why Is It Important to Charge for Your Freelancing Graphic Designing Services

1. Customers Want To Know You’re Professional

Customers are more likely to hire you for a project if they believe you will do an excellent job. They have the money at this point, and they do not want to see someone rush the design or try to sell them something they do not require.

You may reassure them that you will perform their duties properly while also adding value. This demonstrates to them that they are receiving the best from you and that you should be compensated for your efforts.

When you charge for your services, you remove the incentive for them to labor for free. Customers will recognize that you stand to lose something. As a result, you won’t have to worry about business loss. And this is the article’s central point.

Why Doing Designs for Free Doesn’t Save Money

In principle, not paying for your services saves you money. If you’re already working for the client on a task they’ve requested, you can save time by performing the assignment for free. However, many designers decline these demands since they do not result in cost savings. This is why:

There is no way to charge less. When you set your prices too low, you run the risk of losing business. Why? The majority of people will pay whatever you request simply to obtain your services. If you charge them the incorrect amount, you will lose money and will be forced to close your doors.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Designs For Free

When you offer your services for free, you are essentially putting yourself out there in the hope of attracting clients. And if you lack the time to assist them, attempting to reach out and delegate those chores to them may be more stressful and/or time-consuming than simply getting the job done in a timely manner.

Another possibility is that an abundance of requests come in at any given time, depleting your energy.

This technique is not conducive to balanced business growth since you are constantly moving your emphasis from one project to the next with little or no direction or momentum.

If you feel as though the tension is depleting your mental supplies, take a break and give your mind a chance to breathe before reverting to this method as a long-term solution…

The Rewards of Charging for Your Freelancing Services

1. Charge Me While I’m Working

When someone pays for your services, you will be notified. When you are not paid, you believe they will simply forget about it. That is not the case if you charge them while they are working, as it serves as a reminder to them of the amount they paid for your services.

2. It Helps Increase Your Client List

Working for free limits your ability to be choosy about the projects you accept. If you do not charge for your services, you will receive requests, and you will want to accommodate as many as possible. Paying for your services enables you to say no if you are unable or unwilling to accept a task.


Finally, charging for your services is a business decision that you must make, and it will determine the success or failure of your freelancing business. Therefore, before you do that, evaluate the advantages of performing a free design project. If you believe it will benefit your firm, go ahead and do it.

If not, it’s time to reassess your motivation for charging for your services in the first place.

How are you obtaining free labor? What are the benefits of doing so, and what do you expect to gain from charging?

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